Jumper T-16 Type in Radio Battery and Charger Kit

USB-C Internal Charger 5000 mAh Battery

The Jumper T-16 RC radio and controller has revolutionized the market for an affordable,

highly capable and well made radio and is on the market at a third of the price of it’s

nearest competitor. The ability to run both an internal and external radio module, color

screen, all the switches and controls any RC modeler could wish for at a price well

under $200 has made this radio almost a cult item. And now that Open TX is readily

available and supported, owning this radio a no brainer.

Unlike it’s much more expensive competitors, the original versions of the T-16 do not

come with bstteries nor an internal charger. They are supplied with a holder for 2

18650 batteries and require purchasing the batteries (avoiding the many fakes on the

market) and a charger. The radio must be opened and the battery holder needs to be

unplugged from the radio and removed, and then the batteries must be removed from

the holder and placed in a charger. Then when charged reverse the process and

repeat after next session, until the socket or connector breaks.

We have developed a kit that includes 2 verified genuine batteries (18650 3500 mAh and 21700 5000 mAh), a 10A balance and protection board to balance charge and protect the batteries from shorts, over charging and low voltage, and a chassis mounted coaxial power jack which requires no soldering. In addition, a 2A smart charger (optional 3A) is provided or an XT-60 adapter to use your own charger. All battery connections are spot welded using 100% nickel strips and insulated with Kapton tape. The above kit will work with both the new internal USB C charger based radio and upgrade kit, the included coaxial charging port and utilize your own charger with the XT-60 charging adapter. USB-C Charging Mod or Pro Model We also have a 2S 21700 5000 mAh battery pack specifically designed for the for the radios incorporating a USB C based internal charger. The new USB-C pack will only charge internally via the C port and does not included the additional balance board or power connectors. This battery will provide at least 1/3 greater flight time than 2 18650 batteries in a holder. The kit version also provides 8.4V at the charging port when not in use for charging. An optional coaxial power jack to XT-30 adapter is available to power any 2S gear like an external module or FPV equipment. Custom adapter cables are available.
XT 30 / XT-60 Optional Power adapter Optional 3 Amp Charger 21700 Kit and Power Jack
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Photo by Tommy Zegers