Comments from the Peanut Gallery

The USB-C 5000mah is great (well matched in V n ohm) and working great in my T16 now. Folks, buy this, now!

Got it! Thanks for the speedy service and delivery. You rock!

It is a bargain, works like a charm, avoids using that clumsy tray (and cycling the connector), and is supported by a great guy,

who is patient and answers quickly!

It’s a great kit, and I’ve yet to come close to even 50% in use. It just goes and goes....  I’ve used it for weeks, now, and it beats the heck out of removing the battery. Bob did a fine job on the design.  Received kit via fast shipping and installed a few days perfect! One more happy customer with Bob's battery pack. Great upgrade option. Highly recommended for T16. Just ordered 2. Bob shipped within hours! Fast service! Just did mine and my dads radio. Great quality kits. My kit works great and was easy to install. Thank you Bob for the super fast shipping and good communication! Kit has arrived Bob, looks really good, nicely made and packed too. I received my battery kit today. Thanks, it looks very well made and was also well packaged. I would recommend it to anyone. My early version of your mod has been in near daily use since July. AWESOME, thanks so much, your product is freakin' perfect! I have received your package and I am very satisfied. This is perfect. Good job sir. Thank you very much.
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